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Toasts and Speeches


At a wedding the toasts and speeches take place after guests have finished their meal and usually before the cutting of the cake.


The Master of Ceremonies or the Best Man introduces the speeches and calls each speaker in turn.  Traditionally everyone stands for the toast except the people being toasted.


The usual procedure is as follows:

  - The first toast is made by the “giver away” (usually the Bride’s father)
    who stands and says a few words about the Bride and Groom before
     proposing a toast to the Bride and Groom.

  - The reply to the first toast is a response from the Groom on behalf of the
    Bride and himself

  - The second toast follows on and the Groom proposes the toast to the

  - The reply to the second toast is made by the Best Man on behalf of the     Bridesmaids. He then gives a speech and reads out the telegrams and

  - Master of Ceremonies or the Best Man announces the cutting of the cake
    and the programme for the rest of the reception.


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