West Suffolk Golf Centre

The Course - Hole By Hole



1st – 304 yards Par 4 - A straight forward par 4 to start your round, but beware of the hazard waiting for any tee shot that goes left.

2nd – 387 yards Par 4 - Three fairway bunkers, one left and two right, make for a challenging tee shot. The green is also well guarded by two bunkers and subtle undulations.

3rd – 480 yards Par 5 - Usually played into the prevailing. Distance control is crucial when approaching this three tier green.

4th – 394 yards Par 4 - Out of bounds left and a copse of trees right, the tee shot requires accuracy on this dogleg left to right par 4.

5th – 315 yards Par 4 - A well positioned water course crosses this fairway. go for it or lay-up.

6th – 240 yards Par 4 - This par 4 may be short, but the green is very well protected by pine trees. an accurate tee shot down the left of the fairway leaves the best approach to the green.

7th – 326 yards Par 4 - A straight par 4 with out of bounds left of the fairway. The green is well protected by two bunkers at the front and one at the rear.

8th – 172 yards Par 3 - Water in front of the tee, water down the right, water long of the green. Can you keep your golf ball dry?

9th – 378 yards Par 4 - The approach shot is key on this hole, as there is a water hazard short of the green that waits for any miss-hit golf shots.

10th – 322 yards Par 4 - Dog leg right to left, with a large double green shared with the 1st hole.

11th – 285 yards Par 4 - The bigger hitters may want to take this green on with their tee shot, but the water hazard that guards the green will make you think.

12th – 152 yards Par 3 - A large bunker protects the front left of this green, and subtle slopes off both sides of the green make an accurate iron shot essential.

13th – 394 yards Par 4 - A water course across the fairway and an undulating green make this par 4 a real challenge.

14th – 390 yards Par 4 - Be careful with your drive, only the longest of hitters should be taking on this water course.

15th – 132 yards Par 3 - Do not let the yardage fool you. with a pond to go over, and an undulating green, this par 3 is no push over.

16th – 291 yards Par 4 - A drivable par 4 for the longer hitter, but watch out for the two fairway bunkers right, and the water hazard on the left.

17th – 132 yards Par 3 - This short hole has a bunker waiting short right of the green for any miss-hit shots, and a bunker back left.

18th – 393 yards Par 4 - The finishing hole is a challenging par 4 with a water course running down the left hand side of the fairway and green.

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